Intuition is deeply rooted in bodily senses and the creative act always comes back to them.

All around a carousel of hints, among which recognizing connections.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Theory and lack of feasibility

with wet beads of mutism,
tears of din,
life adorns itself.

I can't keep up
with a senses-less mind.

On the way to acceptance. Acquasparta, 1995



Hazel said...

Thats small but deep and significant. A sense-less mind wearies out life.

Paolo Ciuchini said...

The mind I refer to is 'senses-less' (not conditioned by bodily senses) rather than 'sense-less' (pointless or meaningless).
It is the most most rational part of my self-perception, which at times seems able discover fundamental existential truths.
But yes, trying to keep up, i.e. to behave in accordance with these truths, wearies out our all but senses-less life.

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